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You can keep up with Eddie Eagle and his Wing Team in the Eagle Eye Newsletter. This resource offers updates on state grant availability, volunteer recognition, program milestones and more.

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Archived Issues

Take a look at previous issues of the Eagle Eye Newsletter.

Volume 18, Issue 2

2853 KB Download

Summer, 2014

Volume 17, Issue 1

2997 KB Download

Spring, 2013

Volume 16, Issue 1

1426 KB Download

Winter, 2012

Volume 15, Issue 2

1177 KB Download

Summer, 2011

Volume 15, Issue 1

1057 KB Download

Winter, 2011

Volume 14, Issue 2

1132 KB Download

Summer, 2010

Volume 14, Issue 1

1080 KB Download

Winter, 2010

Volume 13, Issue 2

1165 KB Download

Summer, 2009

Volume 13, Issue 1

1026 KB Download

Winter, 2009

Volume 12, Issue 1

959 KB Download

Summer, 2008

Has your child or student been impacted by the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program? Have you or someone you know brought Eddie's message to your community? Has your local news featured a story about Eddie Eagle? We want to hear about it! Email Eddie at

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

The number one gun accident prevention program for children, Eddie Eagle GunSafe®, has taught over 29 million children how to stay safe if they ever find a gun.