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Meet Eddie Eagle and his Wing Team

Maybe your child is a leader like Eddie. Maybe your son is a bit silly like Gary or an inquisitive Howie. Maybe your daughter is sweet like Maya or maybe she's got a good sense of humor like Fiona. We've created a team of fun and relatable characters to teach your children a very important lesson about gun safety. Learn more and interact with Eddie Eagle and his Wing Team at the Eddie Eagle Tree House.

Eddie Eagle

Everyone wants to be Eddie Eagle’s friend. Fun and safety are his top priorities. Eddie loves to play sports – basketball is his favorite! He learned safety rules from his dad, who serves on the city’s safety squad. Eddie is always looking out for his friends to make sure they stay safe. Nothing gets past his eagle eyes!

Fiona Falcon

Fiona Falcon is the newest bird on the block. She just moved from the big city and met Eddie and his Wing Team when they invited her to play a game of basketball. Fiona makes everything fun and always knows how to make her friends laugh.

Howie Hummingbird

Howie Hummingbird is always in everyone’s business because he never wants to miss out on any fun! Curious Howie has LOTS of questions. He sometimes sticks his beak where it shouldn’t be … mostly because he’s following his friend Gary. And of course he hums!

Gary Goose

Gary Goose is, well, a bit of a goof. He doesn’t always hear when his friends talk to him because he takes his video games with him everywhere he goes. Gary doesn’t get into trouble on purpose – he just has a way of finding himself in sticky situations.

Maya Guacamaya

Maya Guacamaya (that’s Spanish for macaw) loves making new friends. Maya is so sweet and kind; giving hugs is her favorite way to say hello! Her family is from Costa Rica, so she is always trying to teach the group some new Spanish words.

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

The number one gun accident prevention program for children, Eddie Eagle GunSafe®, has taught over 32 million children how to stay safe if they ever find a gun.