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Mascot Costume

The mascot costume is an added element of fun for Eddie Eagle safety demonstrations, but is not required to teach the program. The costume is available exclusively for purchase by law enforcement, school administration, fire departments and EMS. However, many agencies apply for grant funding from The NRA Foundation to cover this cost. If you are not affiliated with one of these entities, you can check with your local community for a possible partnership opportunity.

For Eddie Eagle appearance inquiries or other costume questions, email [email protected] or call the NRA Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program at 1-800-231-0752.

Eddie Eagle Costume Rules and Regulations

  • Eddie Eagle Mascot CostumeEddie Eagle must be used ONLY for the purpose of firearm accident prevention.
  • No representation of Eddie Eagle should EVER be shown holding a firearm, weapon or any weapon-like object.
  • Eddie Eagle may NOT appear anywhere that firearms are sold, used or displayed.
  • Eddie Eagle does NOT speak and must be accompanied by a spokesperson at all times.
  • Eddie Eagle should NEVER be associated with violent activity nor portrayed in a violent scene.
  • Anyone who receives permission to use an Eddie Eagle costume incurs an obligation to maintain the integrity of the character and program.
  • Eddie Eagle helps prevent gun accidents and must always be portrayed in this role—not as a teacher/mentor figure.
  • Eddie Eagle must only convey positive, constructive messages. He never blames anyone for failing to take action; rather, he helps children learn what they can do.
  • Eddie Eagle must be portrayed at all times as someone who values and is respectful of good relations with law enforcement, community officials, teachers, parents, youth, senior citizens, businesses and community organizations.
  • Eddie Eagle never endorses any person, product or company. This includes political candidates, parties and campaigns—whether issue-oriented or not. He does not appear at ribbon cuttings or store openings, nor can he be used for advertising purposes.
  • Eddie Eagle may be used in conjunction with other characters with positive safety images for educational purposes in the areas of crime, violence, accident and/or drug abuse prevention.
  • Eddie Eagle is always clothed in all provided costume materials. No substitute or additional clothing or accessories (including hats, T-shirts, etc.) may be worn. When in print or in person, he may carry an appropriate prop (e.g., holding a flag on July 4) in his hands.
  • An appearance by Eddie Eagle in costume at any national or international event must be approved in advance by the NRA.
  • The costume may be used only to help promote firearm accident prevention that is sponsored by or conducted in conjunction with a law enforcement agency, school, fire department or EMS.
  • Eddie Eagle must always wear full costume in public.
  • Eddie Eagle never reveals his true identity. He stays in character at all times.
  • Eddie Eagle always uses appropriate mannerisms.
  • Eddie Eagle is never offensive (e.g., jokes or obscene gestures).
  • Eddie Eagle does not smoke, use illegal drugs or drink alcoholic beverages. He will never be placed in situations where these items are located.
  • Eddie Eagle avoids potentially controversial, offensive or dangerous situations.
  • Eddie Eagle does not sell any product, request donations or accept charitable funds other than for use by the Eddie Eagle Program.
  • Eddie Eagle never responds to hecklers in a crowd.
  • Eddie Eagle avoids being overly aggressive or scaring children. He will generally allow children to initiate contact.
  • The Eddie Eagle costume must always be stored in a secure area, inaccessible to the general public. Any loss must be immediately and formally reported to local law enforcement and to the NRA.
  • Only participants in a law enforcement program may use an Eddie Eagle costume.
  • To maintain consistency of the image, the costume wearer should be 5'5" to 6' in height and appear reasonably fit.
  • The wearer of an Eddie Eagle costume must put on and take off the costume in private, never in view of any member of the public.
  • The Eddie Eagle costume must be kept out of sight of the public both before and after its use.
  • Eddie Eagle should always be accompanied by an appropriate law enforcement or crime prevention escort.
  • Only one Eddie Eagle may appear at an event.
  • Always have someone accompany Eddie Eagle to help guide him and indicate when there are children in his path who wish to meet him.

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Contact us at 1-800-231-0752 or email [email protected] for more information.

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