Program Features

Expertly Prepared
The program is designed in partnership with teachers, school administrators, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, clinical psychologists, law enforcement officials and National Rifle Association firearm safety experts.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, fatal firearm accidents in the Eddie Eagle age group have been reduced by over 80% since the program's nationwide launch. NRA feels that gun accident prevention programs such as Eddie Eagle are a significant factor in that decline.

Widely Used
Since 1988, The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has been taught by more than 26,000 schoolteachers and law enforcement officers nationwide. Since 1988, the program has reached over 26 million children - in all 50 states.

Widely Recognized
The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has been honored or formally endorsed by groups such as the National Sheriffs' Association, the American Legion, the Police Athletic League, the Association of American Educators, and others. The program has received bipartisan support from the governors of 26 states who signed resolutions recommending that the program be used in their school systems. Additionally, the legislatures of 23 states passed resolutions recommending the use of the Eddie Eagle Program in their states.

Easy to Use
Simple to implement. Minimal advance preparation needed. Instructor guides offer step-by-step instruction with role-playing scenarios, discussion questions and reproducible materials. There is no certification needed to teach the program.

Program materials are available at a nominal rate. Grant funding for schools, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, daycare centers, and libraries may be available in select states to receive program materials at no cost. If you are with one of these agencies, contact The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program to see if your state has grant funding.

Taught by All
Anyone can teach the program. Educators, law enforcement personnel, volunteers or parents can teach the program. Our easy-to-use instructor guides walk you through the lesson step-by-step. The program can be taught in schools, civic organizations, or at home.

Uses modern teaching techniques and materials. Tactile/kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning methods are all utilized through cooperative learning, higher-order thinking activities, writing tasks, and role-playing. Activities can be integrated into all areas of the school curriculum.

Fun For Kids
Entertaining, rewarding, and proven effective in communicating a memorable safety message to children.

Flexible For You
The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program is adaptable from a five-day plan to a short one-hour lesson. Use all or parts of the program to fit your schedule and meet the needs of your group.

Program Materials
The gun safety concepts and materials were developed from study results and resource materials of a safety task force composed of specialists in education and child development. The task force was formed for the specific purpose of developing a gun safety program for elementary school students that would accommodate the needs of both the teacher and the student. Courses are available for children in Preschool-Grade 1 and 2nd-3rd grades. Program materials are also available in Spanish.

Program Theme
Regardless of whether guns are in the home, most children are curious about guns. That curiosity is equally strong or stronger among children who grow up in homes without guns as it is in those who grow up in gun-owning households. While parents are ultimately responsible for the care, safety, and development of their children, all children need to be taught gun accident prevention to be prepared if they encounter a firearm. Where there is no adult supervision, children must know what to do.

They should:

  • STOP!

Free Sample
You can request a free sample of our program materials. Each sample includes a copy of our student workbook, program statistics, testimonials, and ordering information. Simply call our toll-free number, (800) 231-0752, or send us an email at