Eddie Eagle Grant Funding for Schools, Law Enforcement Agencies, Daycare Centres, Hospital & Libraries

Grant funding, provided by Friends of NRA, is available in many states. Schools, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, daycare centers, and libraries are eligible to receive all program curriculum materials free of charge. See below for a complete listing of materials available free under the grant.

No Application Necessary

Grant funding is easy and hassle-free. No application necessary! Simply call (800) 231-0752 and ask if your state has grant funding. If funding is available, place your order. Call today! Funding is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

Call (800) 231-0752 to find out if there is grant funding in your state.

Program Materials Recommended Quantities Item No.
Grades Pre-K - 1
Student Workbook Level 1 (Pk/25) 1 pk/25 students EE 12475
Instructor's Guide Level 1 1 per instructor EE 12451
Grades 2 & 3
Student Workbook Level 2 (Pk/25) 1 pk/25 students EE 12482
Instructor's Guide Level 2 1 per instructor EE 12490
Grades Pre-K - 3
Animated DVD (7 minutes) 1 per school EE 12542
Student Reward Stickers (Pk/25) 1 pk/25 students EE 12381
Safety Poster 1 per classroom EE 12430
Parents' Guide to Gun Safety Card 1 pk/25 students EE 12854
Spanish Program Materials
Student Workbook Level 1 1 per student EE 12474
Student Workbook Level 2 1 per student EE 12481
Animated DVD (7 minutes) 1 per school EE 12545
Student Reward Stickers (Sheet/10) 1 sheet/10 students EE 12860
Parents' Guide to Gun Safety Card 1 pk/25 students EE 12855

How To Order

If you are ordering materials for a law enforcement agency, school, daycare, hospital, or library, please call the Eddie Eagle Program at (800) 231-0752 to use free grant funding.


PLEASE PLAN AHEAD -- Order early and allow at least three weeks (15 working days) for ordered materials to arrive.

NO retail items are available with this funding.

The Eddie Eagle staff reviews all orders before they are shipped, and reserves the right to limit the quantity of items ordered.

Funding is provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Friends of NRA is made up of dedicated volunteers who work with the NRA field representatives in their state to organize fundraising events that support programs such as The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program.

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